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Emotional Yoga er en flydende dans med følelser 
og der opstår mulighed for dyb tranformation

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     by/Majbritt Cristel Kiss


Ønsker du mere kontakt til dit følelsesliv?

Emotional Yoga er en flydende dans med følelser, hvor vi nænsomt 
nærmer os den indre verden og der opstår mulighed for dyb transformation



Own your female aspect

Opslået d. 20. februar 2017 kl. 6.05

The female aspect does not accept being held down or suppressed anymore. It is indeed awakening from a deep sacred place within us. I feel it as a primordial force that wants to be recognized and expressed. It is a powerful energy and it invites us to stand in our light and shine. We are asked to be more caring, emotional and vulnerable. See the list below what qualities the female aspect represents.


A conscious masculine aspect can deal with it and accommodate it. The conflicts currently occur when the reverse aspect, either in ourselves or in the surroundings, can not handle it or can not accept it. If not, then the powerfights begin to unfold between the two polarized aspects. The energy insists on being expressed and the more we try to suppress it, the more it will rebel and claim its right to exist. Up to now it has been controlled, but this energy just can not take it anymore. It is an inner sensitive strength in ourselves and we are also seeing it awaken globally.

I also feel a grief associated with this awakening. There is a sadness attached to the compromises we have made with these qualities in the past. This beautiful aspect has been neglected and suppressed and we can actknowledge the grief about the fact, that we have stood by and allowed it to happen. If we are to set ourselves free, it is important that we recognize our fears and understand why, we have shut down our feminine power and strengh. It has simply been too dangerous to be vulnerable in a world where the masculine aspect has been ruling. We might not have felt valuable enough and tried to fit in. It is now time to demand our female aspect back, but not in an aggressive way. More in a natural, gentle and mild manner, for it is a big part of our nature to express these feminine qualities, so we can get in balance with both aspects. We are able to own them both and stand firm and vulnerable at the same time. This way we can get emotional balanced. Many times we have felt something to be deeply right, but not acted in accordance with it. The conflicts that may arise in our relationship nowadays with ourselves and each other is because these two opposites are trying to balance each other. It creates a lot of uncertainty because the roles indeed need to be redefined.

It is not something we can just change right away, but when we understand this inner call or perhaps inner conflict, then we can work with it more consciously and not be overwhelmed and intimidated by this primordial force, which claims its right. It insists more than ever and it is our choice whether we receive the gift or we once again choose to suppress it and neglect the importance of being in contact with this sacred aspect.


It has nothing to do with being a feminist, it is also the female aspect inside each man, which wants to be recognized. Craves to be a part of him as well. The two important aspects in all of us need to be weighted equally, so we can set ourselves free and live more in harmony with Mother Earth and each other. We owe it to her and we owe it to ourselves.


The female aspect questions the choices we have made and what we have created in our lives so far. Are we satisfied? Has it been choices made with the heart or with the mind? It is an intensive period with a lot of doubt. We doubt our own intentions and we doubt our feelings, because we have not been accustomed to rely on the heart and act on what we feel from an intuitive point of view. At least not on this level, which is now required if we truly want to be in the flow of life and find our balance. 

We are asked to stand vulnerable and rely on the heart. The heart is ultimately the only one we can trust anyway. We can feel paralyzed during this time. We are facing some big decisions we have to make, but it is not a decision that can be made with the mind. The first step must be taken by the heart. It is a vulnerable place, because the only thing we can do is to tune into our emotions and stay right there in the midst of the sensations. To take the female aspect in, own it and respect it. In a few months the answers might arrive and the energy can settle and find a natural space. In the beginning it might feel akward and a bit scary. Then finally we can learn to navigate through the two aspects better and turn the qualities up and down when it is needed. Androgyny refers to a specific way of joining the masculine and female aspects of a single human being. It is possible to create a society, which is in more harmony. Be patient, it is a fragile process until we have taken the female aspect home and integrated it as the most natural accepted part of our being. Stay open, allow and surrender. The magic wants to enter you life.

You can realize why, you resist to express certain female qualities and why you feel shameful about owning them. Once you have felt it, it might be easier to integrate them and make them available again.

Go deeper and ask yourself following questions to identify your shadows:

Where am I _____________ ? (insert quality)

Where did I learn that I can not be _____________? (insert quality)

When did I stop expressing it?

Am I overcompensating, so others will not find out I am actually that?

How could I benefit if I would own this quality?

Female aspect qualities versus male aspect qualities

being - doing

surrendering - defending

wholistic thinking - analytical thinking

abstract - concrete 

patient - impatient

tranquil - striving

nurturing - rushing

receiving - aggressive

emotional - logical

creative - analytical

intuitive - mathematical

calm - busy

soft - hard

allowing - controlling

vulnerable - tough

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